Strict Mothers Have Better Children (The New Investigation Says)

Do you think your parents were too strict when you were a child? If yes, they probably made you focus on your future every day as well as clean your room regularly and never skip homework. Many people have grown in families with strict parents who made us feel like we are being punished all the time.

Even though constant nagging is difficult to put up with, experts claim that strict parents actually raise more successful children. No matter how difficult you think your child was, one day you will probably thank your mother for it.

One professor from the University of Essex conducted a study that involved more than 15000 children aged 13-14 for a period of 6 years. The professor, Erica Rascon, stated “the measure of the expectations in this study reflects a combination of aspirations and beliefs about the likelihood of access to higher education declared by the majority of parents, in most cases the mother.” The study showed that successful people have highly demanding mothers.

The children that were more confident and secure had strict mothers with high expectations. The study showed that premature pregnancy in girls with persistent and nagging mothers was 4 % lower compared to the other children. These children were more likely to finish college and get a good job, no matter how unrealistic it sounds.

Professor Rascon also said: “In many cases we have success doing what they believe to be most convenient for us, even against our parents. “But no matter how much we want to avoid our parents, any recommendations form influence, albeit subtly in the decisions we make, but we believe that they are extremely personal”.

Kids with strict mothers consider them an enemy, however later in life they realize it was for their own good. Sooner or later, you will realize that your mother raised your right and that she prepared you well for what comes in life.

Take for 1 Week If You Want To Lose All Your Excess Belly Fat!

Overweight or obese people usually try liposuction, a strict diet or various supplements as a way of losing weight. However, all these methods are dangerous and highly ineffective in most cases. This is why people are always looking on alternative weight loss solutions and we have one of the best ones for you today. If you’ve been trying to lose weight without endangering your health, you should really try it.

Slimming Drink

The recipe for the drink we have for you today is quite simple to prepare and very beneficial. Just drink it in the morning and the results will come soon. The drink is completely natural and has a great taste and all of the ingredients are easily available.

If you want to feel and look good, however, you need to mind what you eat. This, combined with the drink and regular exercise is the key for slimming down. By adding healthy foods into your diet, you will not only lose weight – you will reduce the risk of several serious diseases as well.

Here’s how to prepare the drink:


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 3 pineapple slices
  • A cup of parsley leaves


Wash the ingredients well with cold water, then peel them and cut them on tiny pieces. Mix everything in a blender next, then pour the drink in a glass. To give your metabolism a boost, drink the mixture before breakfast. Of course, adding sugar or artificial sweeteners is out of the question. Drink the beverage for a maximum of 15 minutes after you’ve prepare it or it will lose its properties.

The process lasts for a week and don’t worry – the drink won’t let you starve. All the ingredients contain vital vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis. After a short time, you should feel lighter, stronger and healthier and you will love the reflection you see in the mirror as well.

5 Behaviours That Reveal Verbal Abuse In A Relationship

In many cases, domestic or verbal abuse is something visible and physical – potentially causing physical injury. In some instances, however, it’s less obvious. At these times, recognizing verbal abuse isn’t always easy. How do you know if your feelings are valid when you’re feeling unsafe because of someone’s words instead of their actions?



Signs of verbal abuse and manipulation can start off subtly. At first, it may not seem odd that your loved one is jealous when you’re with other friends or family members, but if they’re stopping you from leaving the house without them, you should step back and assess the situation.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a verbally abusive loved one may also monitor your comings and goings. Additionally, they may tell you when you can or cannot leave the house, and even decide what you can wear. This controlling partner may diminish your independence in other ways as well, such as through overriding your choices or controlling your money. Sharing funds or a bank account is one thing, but your loved one should not be making all your financial choices or taking your money from you.


Unfortunately, some of the clearest signs of domestic abuse are the most dangerous. Threats and acts of intimidation from a loved one are unignorable. They are also unacceptable. You should never be in a position in which your loved one makes you feel unloved and unsafe. Even silent intimidation is considered verbal abuse. Body language makes up more than half of all communication, and intimidating body language is a major red flag in a relationship.

If a loved one is following or stalking you; looking at you or acting in ways that scare you; trapping you in your home; or damaging your things by throwing, kicking, or hitting when they are angry, seek help from someone you trust.


Coercion is another form of verbal abuse that may not be easily recognizable. Coercive loved ones might convince you that you owe them favors because of your relationship. If this is the case, you should look at the situation objectively and remind yourself that your first obligation is to yourself and your safety. If your loved one is pushing you to make a choice you don’t want to make or forcing you to have sex, know that they shouldn’t be making you do anything that goes against your personal comfort level.


Gaslighting is a form of manipulation used to make victims question themselves and their own sanity. If your loved one is gaslighting you, they may tell you blatant lies or say that you’re making up stories or imagining things. This exhausting, dangerous manipulation tactic takes place and grows over time. It might not be something that you notice at first.

We all occasionally feel we’re too sensitive or that we’re doing everything wrong; however, if you’re constantly second-guessing yourself because your abusive loved one questions your point of view, you may be the victim of gaslighting. Ask someone you trust for their objective opinion of the situation and remind yourself that you aren’t always wrong.


Offensive language and insults are more obvious signs of verbal abuse, but they aren’t the only routes your loved one may take to affect your thought patterns and sense of self. An abusive loved one may offhandedly tell you that you do everything wrong; or that you’re a bad child, significant other, or parent.

In addition, verbal abuse can be the absence of verbalizing. The “silent treatment” is a dangerous tool used to ignore the needs of another person that makes them feel as if they are not worth it.

This individual may also threaten to withhold attention or affection as punishment or humiliate you in front of friends and family. Try to remove yourself from these situations. Be positive about yourself and seek validation and refuge with supportive friends and family.


“It amazes me when education, religion and family values fail to create a human being.” – Anum Sattar

Domestic or verbal abuse can be difficult for a victim to recognize, especially when it has yet to become physical. This is why knowing the signs of verbal abuse is so important. If you or someone you care about is in a potentially abusive relationship, seek out a path to safety.

10 Best Ways To Respond To A Negative Person

Here are 10 ways of dealing with negative people:


To not “take things personally” is much easier said than done. Some negative people after all will – at times – concentrate all of the vitriolic behavior onto you.

The problem with taking things personally with a negative person is that it doesn’t lead anywhere. The only possible outcome is a perceived “victory,” that they’ve managed to “hook” you.


Many people do not like conflict; this is something known as conflict avoidance. As such, people on the receiving end of negative behavior will attempt to reason with a negative person. It’s important to remember that many negative people do not want to be “reasoned with.”

They may need a compassionate ear at some point or another, but they’ll most likely make such motives known in a more constructive manner.


Not every negative person intentionally acts negatively. For whatever reason, they’ve simply adopted a negative mindset. That said, when negative behavior repeatedly surfaces, it is time to make your voice heard.

Sometimes, those that are acting negatively without thought will perceive your forthrightness as something not to be trifled with.


As mentioned, not everyone who behaves negatively intends to do so. When we consciously attribute their negative acts to potentially extenuating circumstances (personal problems, work-related stress, finances, etc.), it’s easier to see their behavior for what it truly is – an act of desperation and impulsiveness.


Being exposed to negative behavior on a frequent basis can be mentally and physically exhausting. We’ll instinctively know when a person is pushing us past comfort zone. It is at this point that it’s necessary to get away, if possible. We all have our limits; it’s nothing to be ashamed of or ignore.


Sometimes a negative person’s perception of the world around them is skewed. This can be attributed to anything, from childhood experiences to their experiences at home or work. The simple act of smiling and maintaining a positive disposition may be enough to challenge these perceptions indirectly.


When a negative person presents themselves as a challenge or threat, it is far too easy to “stoop” to childish behavior such as being impulsive or insulting. In a way, this is a natural response, as no one appreciates being in the company of someone with a negative outlook; however, it is counterproductive, and only enables their (sometimes) immature mindset.


The truth is that we all develop differently, and negative people are sometimes given the short end of the stick. Being judgmental or assumptive is evident through both verbal and non-verbal cues; it is important to personally refrain from these signals, no matter how tempting, when trying to resolve the situation posed by the negative person.


We all heard the adage a million times: “control what you can control.” Establishing and maintaining an environment of positivity often leads to one of two results: (1) it protects you from their negative energy, or (2) helps them feel – and possibly act – in a more positive manner. Either way, either you and/or the other person are positively impacted.


As compassionate and caring people, we’ll often try our best to accommodate and influence others that hold a more pessimistic, negative frame of mind. It is important to remember, however, that your healthy outlook empowers you to help others. As such, in the event that a negative person is trespassing and violating your positive frame of mind, it may be necessary to end ties.

While such a recommendation may seem harsh, it is important to understand that many others will come along that may need your help. You cannot (and should not) allow the unfavorable influences of one person to compromise this.

Lose up to 10kg in just 10 Days With 7-Day NO SUGAR Diet!

The amount of sugar that is put into our food supply is ridiculous. There are massive amounts of sugar in almost everything, and it’s causing all kinds of health issues.

High Sugar has been linked to arthritis, diabetes, and heart problems. It might even be causing cancer, stomach ulcers, and effecting serotonin levels. Our foods also contain a type of sugar known as refined sugar that can cause even more health issues. If you are interested in cutting out sugar, here is a 7-day detox meal plan to do it.


  • Breakfast: Cheesy spinach baked eggs
  • Mid-morning snack: Tamari almonds
  • Lunch: Green salad and low-carb cheesy sweet pepper peppers
  • Dinner: Cucumber tomato feta salad with black bean patty (Recipe below)
  • Snack: Low-fat ricotta cheese, ¼ cup part skim, a few drops vanilla stevia, and ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Breakfast: Sun-dried tomato feta frittata
  • Mid-morning snack: Tamari almonds
  • Lunch: Chicken& pepper peppers & spinach
  • Afternoon snack: Spinach dip with raw veggies
  • Dinner: Turkey lettuce cups, mushrooms, peppers, and sautéed spinach
  • Snack: A cheese stick


  • Breakfast: Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Three hard boiled eggs, yolks removed
  • Lunch: Leftover Turkey Lettuce Cups along with mixed green salad with cucumber, sweet peppers, tomatoes, dressed with extra virgin olive oil ANDvinegar
  • Afternoon Snack: Feta frittata
  • Dinner: Baked salmon with sauteed green beans
  • Snack: Dairy free, sugar-free vanilla chia pudding (Recipe Below)


  • Breakfast: Sante Fe Frittata
  • Mid-Morning Snack: A cheese stick
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken made into cilantro chicken salad
  • Afternoon Snack: Sugar-free peanut butter on celery
  • Dinner: Crock Pot Chicken & Bean Stew and Mini Zucchini cheese bites
  • Snack: Half a cup low fat cottage cheese topped with cucumber slices


  • Breakfast: Sante Fe Frittata
  • Mid Morning Snack: Spicy Mediterranean feta dip with raw veggies
  • Lunch: Soup, Green salad with cucumber, tomatoes, sweet peppers, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar
  • Afternoon Snack: cucumber tomato feta salad
  • Dinner: Italian green bean salad with low carb cheesy bread Sticks
  • Snack: Dairy free, sugar-free vanilla chia pudding


  • Breakfast: Crustless Egg Muffin
  • Mid Morning Snack: Half a cup cottage cheese or ricotta with ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract, vanilla stevia
  • Lunch: Cheesy bread sticks and green bean salad
  • Afternoon Snack: Raw veggies and spicy Mediterranean dip
  • Dinner: Zucchini noodles sauteed with cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives and sprinkle of cheese.
  • Snack: Three hard boiled eggs, yolks removed


  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sauteed spinach and mushrooms
  • Mid Morning Snack: Half a cup cottage cheese
  • Lunch: Light vegetable soup and zucchini noodles
  • Afternoon Snack: Roasted Almonds
  • Dinner: Chicken drumsticks and leftover green bean salad
  • Snack: Dairy free, sugar-free vanilla chia pudding.

6 Ways to Respond to Verbally Aggressive People

Facing a verbally aggressive person can make you feel immediately defensive, which is perfectly normal, but there are 7 more healthy, harmonious and mindful ways to respond.


Like a wild, rabid animal, verbally aggressive people come toward you on the attack, often with little or no reason. Basically, these people are adult bullies and you don’t have to take that kind of behavior from anyone.

Verbal aggression often moves into physical aggression and that becomes a scary situation. Researchers studying patterns of domestic violence among married couples found that verbal aggression is more likely to be a precursor to physical violence.

If you are concerned about someone who has been verbally aggressive toward you, take action now. These situations can lead to domestic or workplace violence. Consult with human resources in the workplace, the National Domestic Violence Hotline or the police to get help in handling a potentially violent situation.


Responding to anger, which is what verbally aggressive people are expressing, with anger in your own voice is pointless. It gets you nowhere. They are already angry and now you are too.


Verbally aggressive people usually speak with hurtful words. Rather than being saddened by the painful words, realize that words cannot hurt you. You have a choice about how you respond. Taking their angry words personally only makes you feel bad and doesn’t help them feel better either.


  • In a study of psychiatric nurses who worked with non-physical methods to de-escalate a verbally aggressive patient, nurses who could identify an escalating situation then followed these steps to help the patients to come back to a calm state.
  • Check the aggressive person’s level of aggressiveness on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Attempt to understand the meaning of the aggressive behavior
  • Connected with the aggressive person
  • Matched a solution intervention to the person’s needs, You can use these same strategies to attempt to deescalate an aggressive situation.
  • Check their level of aggressiveness. Ask yourself if based on their actions they are just a little upset or if there is potential for injuries caused to either the angry person or others.
  • Don’t wait to call for help if you think someone could get hurt.
  • Listen to everything the angry person is saying and rephrase it back to them to make sure you understood them correctly.
  • Use language like ‘I understand why you would be upset’ or ‘I can see how that would be frustrating for you.’
  • Ask the aggressive person for a suggestion to fix the problem or offer your own solution.


From our article 5 Signs Someone is Manipulating You, you may recall that manipulation is a trait of passive aggressive people. Avoid being manipulated by recognizing the aggression for what it is, anger. If you’ve done nothing wrong, don’t let the angry person force you into an apology.

What a verbally aggressive person needs is a place to vent their angry frustrations where someone will listen, empathize and try to find a win-win solution for both parties. Let the angry person know that you are willing to listen but only if they calm down so you can talk at a normal volume.


Aggressive people are usually quick to be overwhelmed and then frustrated by a lot of sensory input. Traffic and crowded places for example have lots of sights, sounds, and decisions that have to be made. Too much is going on and it becomes difficult to process making a person frustrated by sensory overload.

When the person goes beyond frustration to aggressiveness, it can become a dangerous situation for the focus of their anger. This type of aggressive pattern is a fairly common one in our lives of daily stress. Removing some of the stimuli that are making sound is one of the best ways to deescalate and aggressive person.

Allow them to have a more quiet environment for a moment so they can calm down their level of anxiety. Aggression to you may just be a panic attack for them that has put them in fight or flight mode.


No one likes to be made fun of, but if you can be quick with a sincere joke, even one at your own expense and laugh, that ability to add humor is the best way to respond to a verbally aggressive person. A comment like ‘Hey, I understand. I get a little more likely to get angry right before lunch too’ or something non-hurtful that can possibly get a smile from the other person.

There are counseling apps, text lines, websites, phone and video chats available now. There is no reason to live with emotional pain if therapy can help.

If You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be False Mannered, You Have To Stop Making These 5 Errors

Something that happens to almost every parent are children having temper tantrums and misbehaving, without them even recognizing the issue. Luckily, for you, here, we’re going to present you 5 errors that every parent makes and should stop making them right now!

If you don’t react to these little behaviors and actions in time, you will bring about certain repercussions in your children’s lives.

That was also confirmed by Mrs. Emma Jenner, a very famous woman known for her show on TLC “Take Home Nanny”. There, she revealed 5 errors parents make that sooner or later would suffer the consequences.

According to Emma, it is vital that parents start demanding more from their children or to expect more from them and involve them in their endeavors and difficulties. To give them less, in order to force them to get themselves going. To challenge them.


#1 You’re afraid of your children

Example: If a child wants to drink milk from a different cup, and not their usual one, parents immediately start looking for another cup instead of ignoring the request. They fear that their child will cry or refuse to eat.
Emma considers this to be a huge mistake. Your child shouldn’t command you. You have to let them cry if they want to and go someplace else if you don’t want to hear it, but never raise your children indulging every single one of their wishes along the way. You must think about what message you´re sending them when you give them all they want just because they are crying. Are you going to do something about it?

#2 Making excuses (“That´s how children are”)

One of the 5 errors is this one. If you justify their misbehavior and outbursts in public by using this phrase, you’re motivating your children to continue misbehaving and be irresponsible.
Children are actually capable of doing much more than their parents can expect. This goes for respect, manners, everyday domestic work, generosity and self-control.
Emma claims that you should raise the expectations you have for your children, that way you’ll teach them how to behave properly.

#3 You don’ let others scold them

Back in the day, teachers and professors could scold our children when they behaved improperly.
They were our eyes and ears when the children were out of our sight. Nowadays this is almost impossible, because if a teacher or an employee gives a piece of their mind to a child, parents tend to get mad. They don´t even try to find out what happened to cause this kind of a reaction from a superior. If you act like this, you’re basically telling your children to misbehave and that neither you, nor the teacher, or the employee would do anything to stop them.

#4 Children come in the first place

One of the 5 errors is this one, too. Parents tend to look after their children too much. It’s good for the evolution, but we should also create a timetable adaptable to children’s needs, such as food, clothes, nursing and others.

Parents nowadays are taking it to another level, subjecting their own obligations and mental health to children, to satisfying all their needs and requests. You can’t give them everything they want, when they want. You can’t also burst out running for everything they ask for. This will take your peace and your health away, it will stress you out, but above all, it will show your children they are the ones that are in control.

Nothing will happen to your child just because you’ve taken some time for yourself (unless there’s an emergency of some kind), neither will anything happen if you say “No.”

#5 They use to take advantage of the shortcuts

Parents today often resort to a series of shortcuts to avoid their children getting bored and thus start misbehaving. They only burden them with electronic devices whenever they´re waiting for a doctor’s appointment, boarding a plane, waiting for a bus, or just cooking and cleaning at their homes. You have to teach your children how to be patient, when they should learn how to amuse themselves on their own. They should also learn that food won’t be ready and served whenever they want it to be. Above all, you should teach your children they need to help in the kitchen, but not with actual cooking, but with doing the dishes.

This will help them become stronger. Try not to make these 5 errors and be a better parent for your children!

10 things man like in woman more than good looks

This one is for the gentlemen, guys who truly care for the women they’re with and their looks don’t really mean much to them. It’s a common misconception about men that they care more about the looks, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t care about the looks at first? We all do. But what matters is that we don’t stay too attached to the looks and give other things more importance, things that should matter more and do matter more. Here are ten things men like in women more than good looks, let’s begin.

1. When they’re independent

I love it when a woman is self sufficient and independent. A lot of people I know actually feel insecure about this but I am proud of this one fact, it’s a huge turn on for me when a woman is successful in what she’s doing, when she’s ambitious, when she just wants to keep moving forward and keeps accomplishing her goals. My girlfriend is the same and when I see her talk about work, I feel a sudden spark of pride within me.

2. When they’re emotional

I’m the sentimental type and I love it when she gets all emotional about me or our relationship. Whenever I do something for her, she gets these emotional moments when she just goes on and on about how much I do for her and I cherish her emotions more than her looks. Men love it when a woman can be expressive about her feelings completely.

3. When they actually enjoy their food

I love it when a girl knows how to eat! I used to date this girl who used to be extra dainty and sophisticated at every lunch and dinner, she used to leave most of her food behind because she was “watching her diet” calorie by calorie. It’s a huge turn off for me when women do that, women should know how to eat, without caring about anyone watching. My girlfriend and I actually fight over food sometimes and it’s something I love about my relationship with her, she’s not nice when it comes to food and I love that about her.

4. Their ambitions

If the guy truly loves you, he’ll always pay a lot of attention to your goals and ambitions. He won’t just be flattered by your looks, he will love you for who you hope to be one day, for what you hope to accomplish one day, he will love you for all of your hopes and dreams and he will try his best to help you reach those goals with all of his heart and soul.

5. The food

Men will be men, food will always be a weakness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people who think women should be the ones in the kitchen, no. I sometimes try to cook, although I fail horribly at it but I still try. But the way she cooks is something I admire a lot, I would happily stay home and eat her cooking rather than go out to any fancy restaurant, she’s an amazing cook and I admire that a lot about her. Men love food, men love women who can make good food, it’s not all about good looks.

6. Their sense of humour

One of the biggest turn ons for me is a great sense of humour. If a girl knows how to joke around and laugh, nothing comes close to how I feel about a girl like that. Men love women with good sense of humour, when they can take a joke and equally give it back.

Good looks aren’t everything, it’s more about the personality a woman holds, and sense of humour is one of the biggest parts of someone’s personality. You can tell how lively a person is by their sense of humour.

7. When they’re good listeners

Men admire it when their women actually listen to what they’re saying and don’t just nod their heads without paying attention to the conversation. Everybody needs someone to talk to, about their days, about their life, about work, so many things happen and so many events unfold everyday and we all need someone to talk to about it all. For me, my day doesn’t feel right unless I call my girlfriend up and tell her how it went, and it makes me feel complete when she actually pays attention to every word I say.

8. Their trust

Ladies, men don’t just care about how pretty you are, yes they will compliment you every single day because they love you and they don’t care about your looks. What’s more important is trust. My girlfriend had a rough past so it wasn’t easy for me to gain her trust, but I tried my hardest and I finally have it, I’ve finally gained her complete faith and trust in me, this felt like an accomplishment and it still does.

9. Their time

I cherish every second I spend with my girlfriend because it’s not easy for her to take time out from her studies etc. But she still takes out ample amount of time for me so that I never feel like I’m being ignored, she’s even met me during her exams even though she still had a lot to study, so I cherish every moment she’s with me. Men love it when their women devote their time to them, because time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give to someone.

10. Their support

Men love it when their ladies back them up and support them in all of their endeavours. I firmly believe in the saying that behind every successful man, there’s a woman. When your man truly loves you, menial and superficial things go out the window and what they expect from you is what’s going to matter in the long run.

Say Goodbye To Sagging Facial Skin and Wrinkles Using Only Two Ingredients!

Every woman desires smooth, healthy and glowing skin. Unfortunately, for some women this is difficult to be achieved since the skin on the face is prone to acne, blackheads, clogged pores, wrinkles and oil buildup.

Cosmetic companies take advantage of this issue by selling numerous beauty and cosmetic products which are too expensive. Some of them are weak and ineffective, while others are harsh due to the chemicals in their content which may harm the delicate skin on the face.

In order to get rid of all these skin issues which are not only a health issue but an aesthetic problem as well, we are going to present you a homemade remedy which will improve the look of your skin completely naturally.

You are probably familiar with the mighty benefits of baking soda and coconut oil. The remedy based on these two ingredients, rejuvenates the skin and cleanses it from all impurities.It has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties and it can be used as a lotion as well.


Baking soda improves the overall skin complexion, fights acne and pimples and relieves sunburn.

It is mostly used as a deodorant and teeth whitener. It can effectively treat acne too. This ingredient can balance the pH level of the skin due to its amphoretic properties (meaning, it can act both as an acid and a base).


Coconut oil on the other hand, soothes the dry skin and it has antimicrobial and moisturizing effects. It permeates the pores and cleanses all impurities due to the presence of healthy and natural fats in its content. It can be also used as a shave cream and cheekbone highlighter.


• 2 tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut oil
• 1 tablespoon of aluminum-free baking soda


Mix the two ingredients and when you get a paste, apply it to your skin. If you have sensitive skin, use coconut oil and baking soda in a ratio 2:1. Massage gently in circular movements. Let it act for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. Massage once more during rinsing. You don’t have to apply moisturizing cream after this treatment since the coconut oil penetrates the deep skin layers and provides the necessary hydration.

The ingredients needed for this recipe are natural and affordable, so they cannot harm your skin. Use this remedy three times per week for 30 days and soon you will notice the desired results.

5 types of tummies and how to get rid of them.

To successfully restore the figure to its original form, you need to find out the cause of the appearance of fat on the abdomen, eliminate it and bring the body back to normal. Changes in the habitual rhythm of life, eating habits and work always affect the human body.

To get rid of fat on the stomach with a minimum of effort, determine the type of your abdomen and begin to actively act on the elimination of fat. There five kinds of tummies. Let’s read about all of them and find out how it is possible to slim them.

#1. Stressed belly. Such a stomach, as the name implies, appears due to stress. Most of the fat in this abdomen is in the front and in the navel area. To the touch, the stomach is harder than soft. You need to remove stress, to limit coffee consumption and eat more foods containing magnesium.

#2. Hormonal belly. If your belly feels like a cushion on each side, this means that you have a hormonal failure. In order to get rid of this belly, you need to limit low-fat food and to eat more avocados, fish, nuts and eggs.

#3. Bloated belly. Such a stomach appears because of a bad diet or because of the intolerance of some foods, allergies. As a rule, the stomach is flat in the morning, but appears in the afternoon, because there are too many gases in the intestine and indigestion occurs. The best idea is to start exercising. You need to do more cardio exercises and to sleep better.

#4. Alcohol belly. If you drink a lot of beer, you can have such belly. You task is to limit alcohol consumption and to eat more fruit and vegetables.

#5. Mommy belly. If you have such a tummy, then you have given birth to a child not so long ago. Add more foods containing useful fat: fish, nuts, oils and olives.