What Your Body Says About Your Personality

Different body types store fat in different locations of the body. Once you’ve indentified your body type, you’ll have easier way to find out the best way to lose fat in those certain areas, or overall.

The experts say that the endocrine glands such as the thyroid, the adrenal, the pituitary and the ovaries are also playing a huge roll when it comes to women’s body shape and fat storing. These are the four body types, observe them well, and find out what yours means!

1. The Apple Shape (The Adrenal Gland)

Description: Shaped legs and buttocks; usually store fat around the bust, upper arms and shoulders; they have larger bust, broad shoulders, wide waist, narrow hips

Personality: Women with this type have strong leadership skills; very independent, responsible and good in decision-making

The Best Way To Lose Weight:

  • Increase the amount of food rich of cellulose
  • Consume fresh fruit for breakfast
  • Reduce animal fat from your diet
  • Eat lean meat
  • Consume fish, nuts and soy
  • Drink more liquids (water or herbal tea)

2. The Rectangle Shape (The Pituitary Gland)

Description: accumulating fat allover the body; looking wide rather than chubby; cardio works best for this type of body shape; don’t need to focus on any particular area when exercising; need to strengthen their bodies for shape

Personality: Introvert; dedicated and prone to arts and science; seems unsociable and closed; they are happy with their own solitude

The Best Way To Lose Weight:

  • Add healthy fats to your diet (avocados)
  • Nuts, fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet

3. The Pear Shape (Ovaries)

Description: Wider hips and buttocks; easy when sporting; slimmer shoulders and bust; fat goes straight into the buttocks, hips and thighs; difficult to lose weight in the hip area; should be focused on exercises that include the lower parts of the body

Personality: Caring, compassionate, sensitive; easy to fit with new people; they feel other’s thoughts and emotions

The Best Way To Lose Weight:

  • Don’t consume food that is rich in starch (beans, potatoes)
  • Avoid any type of fat
  • Always eat fresh fruit
  • Tomato juice and tomatoes should be into your diet

4. The Hourglass Shape (The Thyroid Gland)

Description: Most desired body shape; most curvatious body; larger bust and shoulders, narrow waist, wide hips, buttocks, thighs, all in perfect proportion; these are the places that store their fat except their waist and stomach; aerobic and cardio work best and also strength exercises will do wonders when toning this type of body

Personality: Cheerful, active, sociable, communicative; easy to fit in any society

The Best Way To Lose Weight:

  • Eliminate avocados, nuts and sweets from your diet
  • Consume food rich in protein (lean meat, eggs, low fat milk and vegetables)