Fake Vs Genuine People: 8 Ways To Identify Them

Most of us have come at least once in our life to a point when we ask ourselves about the new person that we’ve met and the question usually goes like this: “Is he/she really this nice? “or, “Does he/she really care that much?” and then we find ourselves thinking about what kind of feeling did this person left on us so we can easily decide whether his actions are true and genuine, or fake.

There are some traits that we should try to focus on when we meet people and discover them, so here are some pointers that might help you easily spot real people and fake people:

1. Look Out For All vs Look Down On All

True, genuine people show respect and feel respect towards everyone and anyone, because they respect themselves first. They don’t look down on people to manifest superiority, but are also inferior to nobody.

Fake people give respect and are utterly inferior to those who think they have power. They are selective about the people who like to communicate with, and mostly those are kinds of people that can and will have use of them later.

2. Hard To Impress vs Easy To Impress

When it comes to pleasing people, true people can be hard to impress. It’s because they have their own opinion and are very comfortable in their own skin, so taking their thoughts out even if they’re unpleasing doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable that they didn’t lie instead, they are who they are and their thoughts are their own thoughts and that’s something that matters, unlike the fake ones.

Fake ones always find a way to show how impressed they are, how happy that made them, just to gain likes and favors from the surroundings. They truly think their value depends of the others and act like it. If they tell you something instead, it’s a pure lie. Don’t try to believe it.

3. Comfortable In The Shadows vs Need The LimeLight

Genuine people have no trouble spending their time on their own. They love their own company and do not depend on others. As much as they enjoy being surrounded with likeminded people, they are also happy and content when being alone.

Fake people are in need to always be on the spotlight, they are desperate for attention and will do anything to attract some attention of people. They think that the world revolves around them, but in fact, are just too shallow.

4. Humility vs Boasting

Genuine people don’t care enough to brag around their work achievements or successful love life to other people, they want to keep it for themselves mostly. They are usually humble and don’t feel the need to show to the world what they’ve done or achieved.

Unlike fake people who like to be the peacock in social groups, so they brag around about everything they did, even if they didn’t do it, just tried. They seek validation and applause in every form.

5. To The Face vs Behind Your Back

If they have got something to say to you, they will contact you, sit in front of you, and will say it right into your face. Their straight-forwardness is one of their main characteristics, and express their thoughts openly without any back motives.

Fake people are two-faces and love to gossip. They portray something else in your face, and say something very different behind your back.

6. Actions vs Words

Genuine people always strive to do their best, and try very hard to fulfill their wishes and promises they’ve made. They may work twice as hard, just to be sure that they did the right thing.

Fake people tend to speak a lot, so wishes, promises, are just words to them and usually fall on a deaf ear. And give bad excuses instead. However, they are only willing to do something instead of promising to do, when the deed meets their personal agenda.

7. Honest Opinion vs False Praise

Honesty is a very valuable thing, and genuine people know this by heart. You may like or not like their comment on your new dress, hairstyle, your work ethics, or something that’s connected with your personality. But they’re fully aware that before all we are people and we learn from mistakes, and will gladly point out the mistakes before you make them again (they do this also to themselves).

Fake people will always praise your work or anything that relates to you, until they get your validation and acceptance. But if they don’t, prepare for their gossip and two-faceness. They also criticize others to make them feel bad, and feed themselves with the mistakes that you’ve made and they’ve noticed them.

8. Unconditional Help vs Selfish Motives

True people are true to themselves and to others, and as simple as that, as much as they try to help themselves out they will try to help you too. They don’t feed themselves if you feel miserable or you’ve found yourself in a risky situation, they feel your problem and will try their best to be as helpful as possible to get you out of it.

Fake people will play a little drama of how helpful they will be with you, but do nothing instead. Because their motives are selfish, they might only help you if again, you meet their agenda and will brag for a lifetime of how they’ve helped you out. If you don’t, well, they won’t. They won’t show any interest or just gossip you to those who are on their list of “People I Need To Keep”.