The difference between being attached and being in love

Today we want to help you understand concepts such as love and attachment. People are often mistaken about these two concepts. They think this is real love but it is not so. This is just attachment.

What is love? This is inspiration, mad happiness, passion and desire, unification with the soulmate. Also love has another side that makes lovers suffer. Every person has his own love story.

What is attachment? Attachment is able to give an imaginary feeling of love, which passes after some period of time. If there is only an attachment in the relationship it will surely cause their destruction.

It is impossible to compare love and attachment, these two are absolutely different feelings. Let’s check our tips!

#1. Love is difficult, Attachment is light When you break up with someone who you love, you will be pursued by feeling of heaviness and deep sadness. True love leaves scars. Everything is quite different with attachment. It’s something that doesn’t affect you so much.

#2. Thoughtful Love and Selfish Attachment When you are sincerely in love with someone you stop thinking about yourself. Your life priorities change and you only think about your lovely person and relationships. When you are attached to a person you think only about your personal feelings and don’t want to see anything except yourself.

#3. Attachment is easy but Love is not Love is a very complex feeling. There are many difficulties between lovers but they overcome them together. Attachment is only difficult when you are not together.

#4. Love gives you freedom, Attachment paralyzes you Couples who are really in love always pursue their freedom. They trust each other and make compromises. People who are attached to someone may only set a lot of rules and boundaries in their relationships.

#5. Love is supportive, Attachment is constricting When you love someone you will respect all his wishes and choices. His dreams and aspirations are more important for you than yours. People who are only bound by attachment like to stay in a little box and they also don’t like being disturbed.

#6. Love is forever, Attachment has an expiration date Love is eternal! It doesn’t have time limit. The main point is that attachment has an expiration date. At the first time you have an attachment for one person and then you can sharply switch to another one.

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