PERSONALITY TEST: Which Animal Are You Seeing On The Picture? Find Out What Your Answer Uncover About Your Character!

Personality is made up of a number of traits which come together in a way that is unique to everyone and reveals their true personality. But there is always a central trait or the primary trait, which characterizes a person’s overall behavior and attitude.

This primary trait determines what kind of a person you are and how you will behave in a particular situation. The thing is, your personality then trains your mind to see things the way you want them to appear. It’s a trick that the mind plays but not in a harmful way.

Here, we have an illustration to describe how it works and how your mind tricks you into seeing things based on your personality. Go ahead, which animal do you see first?


If you first saw the bull, then you have confidence in your actions and faith in yourself. You feel delighted when you are mysterious to other people. You can’t stand lies and hypocrisy. You have a strong sense of justice and you always try to do what is right.

You may walk in a crowd, but your personality will always stand out. You are the master of your domain and just like the bull, there’s a fighting spirit driving you from within.


If you first saw the horse, you are a natural born leader! You never shy away from an honest day’s work and you are not the one to stay away from a fight. You are in touch with your inner-self which is ready to stand out and be counted.

You are sensitive to others and ready to put their needs in first place. People like you for your determination and persistence. You maintain your cool and clear thinking in every situation.


If you first saw the bear, you carefully listen to other people’s problems and you are ready to put their needs in first place, You don’t like to judge other people and you can keep their secrets. You never in your wildest thoughts have you considered cheating/betraying those who trust you.

You are a blend of most rare and incredible traits in the world and no wonder, you are loved by everyone who had the opportunity to know you.