7 Personality Traits Of People Who Love Spending Time On Their Own

There is a big difference between being alone and being lonely. A loner always prefers being alone, but they never feel lonely.

Loners are unique individuals. They prefer having a small circle of friends, and they don’t mind spending time on their own. Most people feel lonely when they’re alone, but loners never do.

In fact, being in their own company makes them feel fulfilled, as that’s when they’re most in touch with themselves. Lone wolves are very self-aware, and maybe that’s the main reason they prefer to be alone.

Being friends with a lone wolf is something not many have the chance to experience. They select their friends very carefully, and they can easily sniff out a fake. So, what makes a person a lone wolf?

Here are 7 traits these people share:

Firm boundaries

Loners always exercise strong and healthy boundaries. They can understand themselves perfectly, and this characteristic allows them to set clear ideas and powerful values. Loners are aware that they are never alone, as even if they’re the last person on earth, they still have themselves.

Therefore, loners will respect their boundaries (and those of others), and they’ll let you know if you are about to cross them. After all, if you aren’t faithful to yourself, you can’t be faithful to anyone.


Loners do not crave for the company of others the way many people do. Still, once they get to like somebody and pick them as a close friend, they become the most loyal friend you can ever find.

Loners also know how to value their worth, so if they think you are worthy of being their friend, they’ll happily give an arm for you when necessary. They usually exercise their loyalty in all fields in life, be it relationships, university, work, family, or anything else.


While they love being alone, this doesn’t make them rigid and close-minded. On the contrary, loners are very open-minded, and they’re always up for new activities and adventures. A loner won’t spend their lives in their bedroom or keeping the same beliefs and ideas.

They love exploring new ideas and places, and they don’t mind trying out different things in life. Nevertheless, they will ensure that they have had their alone time before doing things that involve many people.


A loner is amazingly strong and sober when tough situations come in their way. Their focus and willpower are a result of their frequent self-reflection during the time they spend alone.

They might feel overwhelmed by several stressful situations, but rather than wasting their time on distractions, they will prefer to spend some time on their own and recharge. During this time, they will devise solutions to their problem and ways to cope with it.


While most people choose to ignore their thoughts and feelings, loners choose to focus and become fully aware of them. Being aware of oneself is an essential trait which is very hard to achieve.

Loners know themselves better than anybody else, and this allows them to understand people around them better. Of course, everybody has periods of depressive and discouraging emotions, but loners can navigate through them and learn their lessons.

Valuing time

If something is vital for a loner, it is time. They respect and value their time and that of people around them. In reality, time is the most significant asset for success in life, and loners are well aware of it.

That’s why they’ll do everything in their power to never be late, never waste somebody’s time, and never let others waste their time either. They are categorical when it comes into question, and it is maybe their most valued boundary that they’ll never change.


Loners detest trivialities and fake behavior. They won’t tolerate people who will try to fool them. They hate lies, and they can easily understand when someone is faking to be someone else.

If you are friends with a loner, you can rest assured that they won’t lie to you. Just remember that truth sometimes hurts!