Husbands Are A Bigger Source Of Stress Than Children, Women Say

Women are more engaged in a child’s life than men. Ever since ancient times, men went hunting, and women stayed at the caves to take care of the kids, and to harvest fruits and veggies.

The same story was happening even in modern times till a few years ago women got a right to work and earn money like men. If you ask your grandmother or great-grandmother, you will see that women used to stay at home while their husbands went to work outside.

Raising a child was never an easy task, and women seem like they are gifted to take care of children. There are many tasks that women need to be doing, and it requires full-time activity.

Every woman accepts this responsibility the moment she decides to become a mother. Children go through different stages in their childhood, and being a mother is not easy.

Anyway, it is possible because mothers have the love towards their children; they are dedicated and always put an effort in raising their children, so that is what makes them amazing.

But, how can husbands participate? Although parenting is a job for both parents, somehow, the greater responsibility usually falls on the mother’s back. Also, sometimes husbands stress women more than their children.

According to a survey, about 45 percent of mothers confirm that their husbands make them more stressful than their kids do. Having life partner means thinking about the future together, dreaming about buying a house, having children, etc.

But, women hardly even ask their partners whether they would like to be fully involved in their plans. So, when husbands do not live up to women’s expectations, studies show that women become very stressful because of the lack of support they get from their spouses.

On the other hand, men choose to defend themselves by saying that their wives do not ask for help. As a result, men think that women are capable of doing everything alone.

Moreover, studies say that mothers feel stressed because they do not have enough time to do everything. Three in four mothers reported that they need to do most of the work at home by themselves.

And, one in five mothers says that her husband being unhelpful is the biggest source of stress in her everyday life.

Another study conducted by the University of Padova revealed something interesting. When men lose their wives because of death, their health worsens.

On the contrary, when women lose their husbands they become healthier and can better deal with stress as well as depression. Researchers think that the reason behind this outcome may be because men rely more on their wives than the other way around.

Why Do Husbands Stress Their Wives?

Husbands Should Do More

Women expect their partners to be willing to share responsibilities like organizing play dates, doctor appointments, homework chores, etc. However, even in families in which both parents are working full-time usually the wife is the one who takes more responsibility.

Is there a way to fix this? Well, if you notice your husband is not sharing responsibilities with you, you need to talk to him openly about it.

It may be helpful to make a list of the things that need to be done and see how you both can take some part in. You can also make a mutual calendar in which you will share tasks.

Wives Should Trust More

As always, every story has two sides. Almost every father wants to be the best father ever as well as the best husband. Nonetheless, sometimes, women do not trust their husbands enough to let them do something more.

Is there a way to fix this? Even though you have amazing plans for your children and you are sure you can do everything alone, you should think of your partner too.

You need to ask him to take part. When your partner shares the responsibility, you will have more time for yourself to recharge your batteries and relax.

Nurture Your Relationship

Usually, when a husband and a wife become parents, their relationship is put on hold. But, that is not the proper way for a relationship to work.

Besides being parents, you should remember that you are still partners, and of course, individuals. You need to take care of your relationship.

Is there a way to fix this? You and your partner need to agree to make some time every week to dedicate to each other. Keep the distractions away, decide to be alone without your kids, no phones, no work.

Having a strong and healthy relationship with your partner will make you even stronger as parents and as a couple so that you would overcome obstacles in life in an easier way.

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