A Test Done By A Renowned Psychologist! Choose A Feather & Discover Your Hidden Personality…

When we are given the option to choose between different shapes and colors, we don’t always choose the same things. The different color and shapes we choose determines our personality, even if we aren’t aware of it.

Psychologists use this test to help determine personalities. In this article, we’ve chosen to include the 6-feather test. Depending of the structure, shape, size and color — you can choose which feather attracts you the most. Once you’ve discovered your favorite feather, you can read below more information about your personality.


Orange feather #1

This feather reveals that you’re highly creative and imaginative. Not only that, but you seem to possess a very strong character. In fact it’s so strong, that you may come off as ‘bossy’. What really drives you is pursuing your dreams effectively. You often get disappointed in people because you have higher expectations set for them. It’s hard for you to realize that not everyone’s a go-getter like yourself. What’s important is that you have the will-power and strength to gather your energy together and continue chasing your goals.

Purple feather #2

You are a person full of energy and have an extraordinary learning capacity. Your friends have always wondered how you’re always able to learn even the most complex things so simply. Your longing to learn may affect you in a bad way, too. You often feel lonely. Your hunger and drive to constantly learn affect your personal relationships, as you don’t devote much of your time to them. But the people that truly know you are aware of this and support you through anything. Keep these people close to you.

Yellow feather #3

People that choose this feather are known for being explosive. If you chose this feather then you have the ability to undertake multiple projects and tasks. You’re more interested in being busy and feeling productive with multiple projects rather than achieving them. This is why you seem diffused and all over the place. Of course handling many project gives you satisfaction and the journey to success itself motivates you.

Pink feather #4

While many people choose their own paths to success, you seek common interest and combine your energy with someone else to achieve goals. For instance, you can form allies and help someone because you know that you’ll succeed as well. You respect people and always try to be in harmony with them, rather than just going on your own path. You believe that helping other people will help you too.

Black feather #5

You’re a person with a very creative character, that many notice. Your artistic capabilities help you express your unique creative traits. You can paint, write or sculpt the most authentic piece of work anyone has ever seen. Also, you should learn to trust yourself more. By doing so, it’ll reflect in your work and you’ll be able to show other people what you’re worth. Trusting yourself is the main point that directs you to success.

Blue feather #6

You’re a very unique person and independent. Even when you need someones help, you try to manage things on your own. You avoid being a burden to someone or even worse, having the feeling that someone “owns” you because they’ve been helping you. You’re as authentic as can be, and people who lie make you disgusted. On the positive side, you have many real friends because of this. You have marked your character in everyones eyes and people feel that they can trust you.

It’s important to note that you may choose a different feather after some time, because after all, we’re not machines. The feathers reflect our current mood and events that we’re going through. Also, if you’re on a higher spiritual level than before, your feather choice may change.

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